Commitment Offer

Coach Scofray offers a 360-degree shift, life-altering transformational executive-leadership coaching, and experiential training for personal, professional, and corporate growth. This offer is anchored in ontology, mindfulness, ecology, systemic thinking, neuroscience, multiple brain integration techniques, etc.

A fast-changing technology-driven VUCA world impacts personal, professional, and corporate endeavours. It calls for a new approach and beingness to live the unpredictable future in the present with possibility, opportunity, and resilient growth mindset-attitude-behaviour.

As an executive and performance transformational coach, I am committed to co-creating personal and corporate systemic awareness, possibility, creativity, and opportunity. This facilitates swift, effective decision-making and goal execution

1. 360-degree shift: Coachees get support to evoke a different way of looking at self, situation, thoughts, feelings, emotions, action/inactions etc., in a manner that all possible perspectives are considered before choices and actions are enacted.

2. Life-altering: Coachees get guided to repattern and reprogram their life cycle through thought-provoking questions that facilitate awareness, unlearning, and relearning

3. Transformation: Every diamond is first in a rough, and every butterfly is first an egg. I hold the space for transformation through the profound essence of “beingness” to mine the diamonds within and eggs guided into butterflies.


Ecological coaching:

This embodies connectedness and relatedness to the
environment, people, and the universe in such a manner that the coachee can explore possibilities, awareness, and opportunities.


This is the art of living in the present and being intentional and attentional to what is happening in the “now moment” and how we are experiencing it without any judgment or rejection of the experience. This is deployed through simple neuroscience-based activities that aid the coachee in holding a 360-degree perspective of all domains of his/her life to create an authentic presence that transforms and impacts

Ontological Coaching: This anchor focuses on the “Way of Being” of a client,
which manifests through the following feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviors,
language, and body. A coachee’s “Being, triggers a Doing, which produces a Having
” pattern which I support the coachee to bring transformation in every area of life.

mBraining (neurology) and Behavioral Science Coaching:

This is a combination of the neurology of multiple brains/intelligences (Head, Heart, and Gut) to support the coachee to generate awareness and wisdoming by coming to a congruence of the three intelligences/brains to aid repatterning for effective performance, transformational¬† leadership, and decision-making. Professional techniques from positive psychology and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) rooted in leading-cutting-edge behavioural science are deployed to augment the coachee’s holistic approach to the exact domain of excellence

Systemic Coaching:

This is the support that aids a coachee in connecting the nine dots of interdependence and interrelatedness ( systemic thinking) in wisdom recognition that a coachee’s learning and development, as well as personal effectiveness, are related to the dynamic relationship with the broader community, organisation, and systems in which they dwell.

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