Women Month: Women are not second in anything

Nothing annoys me than when I read stories captioned “the first woman to do this or that.” But when you hear or read “the first man” to do this or that, it means the first human.

Why don’t we report on achievement that men are doing first because a woman did it first?

What the heck do we think we were going to achieve when we stuck women and tied them to the kitchen when we christened them as the weaker vessel in all meaning and then denied them equal opportunity to unleash their potentials.

If, in the last 500 years, women were treated with equity and accorded respect as mutual development partners, men wouldn’t have gone to the moon first, or perhaps it would have been a man and woman.

Come off, this buzz of “the first woman” to obtain a Ph.D. in this or that, noble prize, first female president, etc., is annoying. We tickle ourselves and laugh. By now, humanity would have had a better world with women in many successful fields equitably as men.

We have succeeded in making the world egoistic, power-drunk, chaotic, etc., and then we make a u-turn to write such captions. If we mean well with such a caption, then let us break the glass ceiling that impedes the potentials of our women.

Look at the results of the Multifactor Leadership Survey results on transformational leadership vs. transactional leadership.

Still, we don’t want to allow our women to explore because it must be seasonal to be writing very skewed annoying captions.

Let us be reading captions such as breaking discoveries and inventions, and the name is a woman that will be motivating enough. Women are not second to men. A being with the dexterity to think from both sides of the brain, and we treat them like this.

Let us challenge our women by removing all blockades consciously or unconsciously, and our world will be better.

I am sick and tired of how the system has created a mess, and we still want to add more.

Never in human history did any group meet to empower men, as it happened in Beijing. We are shouting for affirmative action, ploys that make us think we are doing favors to women. Whom are we fooling?

Why must there be special sessions to empower women if the system is equitable? Allow women to explore their potentials, PERIOD.

Imagine the number of professionals of all walks of life in the balance with women, only if we had not impeded their potentials.

Shame on us all; we measure women’s potentials with that of men’s ability why?

I charge my women to raise their kids with the insight of equity and wisdom that being man or woman is never a matter of superiority and inferiority but rather a puzzle of natural partnership to further human development.

The seed and the soil partner to provide continuity so the universe can grow; why do we distort this.

Shame on us all. Let us stand together to break the glass ceiling. No woman needs to prove anything in masculine design parameters to be called the first woman in this or that.

You can call me names or mis-equate religious text to keep our women like second-class citizens, but the universe is still feminine. Is it by accident we call it mother nature?

Finally, as for those who are angry and want even our he/she or want “man” removed from “woman,” you are all part of the problem the system has created.

Allow our women to explore their potentials, and those attempts won’t matter.

Let us stop the nonsense of misandry and misogyny, and we are humans than these animalistic orientations.

Men must admit, we are part of the world’s chaos it is because our compassion and empathy are far away. As for our ego, it only seeks power and control, not development.

Women in equitable partnership with men for development agenda will yield results faster than we have than in 2000 years. In every engagement, let us see potentials, not body figures. Why are we so blind to this fact and phenomena. But we are fascinated by science and engineering, yet we have not decoded that; leaving our women behind is one reason our development and power control always hit rocks.

Power to our women, development to our women, and wisdom to our men to know we are in this together.

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