Reboot Your Life

Transformational coach, Nana Yaw Scofray, has said life’s journey do not happen by accident.

According to Mr Scofray, deliberate steps and actions are required to make life a success and promote personal growth.

Nana Yaw on Adom FM’s Reboot Your Life Series underscored the importance of taking control of one’s life, underscoring it as a significant responsibility.

“Pause, think, reminisce, and ask, why do I do what I do? Why do I speak the way I do, and what do I say to the world I am?” he said.

He emphasized the need for life audits, enabling individuals to identify gaps in areas of their lives which require adjustments with a focus on mental development.

“Self awareness, regulation and motivation. Humans are like memory cards so we should be able to know what we embody and be conscious about the information and the content we feed on,” he advised.

“What fills the body can harm it and creates certain problems. Life is not by accident so however you have been, you will produce the results” Nana Yaw stated.

Touching on life’s essence, Scofray noted that, everyone must also be interested in boosting their self confidence.

“When you have a positive mental pigmentation of yourself, you will always understand your situation is not the last destination,” he added.

The ‘Reboot Your Life Series’ is an Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Monday that seeks to guide listeners to start their New Year with the right goals.

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