Nuggets For The African Youth For Personal And Africa’s Development

Invest in your mind, to rewire your mindset, this stimulates you towards innovation. Invest in your hands to develop a skillset or sets to enrich our entrepreneurship drive and economic growth.


Invest in your heartset(empathy, fellow feeling, passion etc) to develop your emotional and social intelligence. Relationship, networking, and team spirit works magic. It is said “if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far in life go with others”.


All the above shapes and stimulate the leadership prowess we lack in Africa among our youth.


The African youth must shift away from wishful thinking to the possibility of futuristic thinking. Social media ridden life style isn’t that which builds any nation. But grounds work, smart work and dedication does.

Possibility futuristic thinking solves problems and identifies opportunities while the former consumes anything for temporal satisfaction.

We must break the deceit of a cliché called Africa’s natural resources being gold diamond timber bauxite cobalt aluminum oil etc


This mind program of cliché has kept us sleeping for far too long.
No wonder investment in our youth is abysmal, yet 60% of the continent population are youth.


Africa’s natural resource is the solutionist mindset of her youth. But it doesn’t just fester but it needs deliberate investment and tooling.


When we mention natural resource we put substances or things above humans, yet it is brains that has turned around natural resources elsewhere. Even Switzerland or Singapore with less natural resource turned their nations around by investing in their youth mindset and skill set


Are Africans artificial or man-made?

Why don’t we put our youth on top of the natural resource tree.


We have what we call human capital or resource management to turn our fortunes around.


If we do this we will look at what we invest in the the youth minds, hands and heart. 

With these the youth of Africa will turn our natural resources around into innovation.


There is cause and effect, there is sowing and reaping. If we don’t invest in our youth, but grossly deplete our natural resource and that of our human resource. Then tomorrow looks dire.


Africa arise, for thy youth are your future which starts today, tomorrow holds not for us if we do nothing now.



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