Transformational Executive Coach/ Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, PCC

Coach Scofray: Emerging Ontological Executive and mBraining Master Coach in Africa

Africa is known for its diverse cultures, vibrant traditions, ubuntu spirit and resilient people. It is also home to some of the worlds most talented and emerging coaches and corporate trainers. Coach Scofray is one of the emerging ontological executive and mBraining Master Coaches.

Effective leadership, executive and management functioning has never been more critical in today’s fast-paced, vuca, and ever-changing business world. This is especially true in Africa, where emerging leaders face unique challenges that require strategic solutions and opportunities that evoke impactful decision-making and implementation to stay relevant in the global corporate and leadership ecosystem.

One of the coaches making a difference in the lives of African leaders, CEO, and businesses through executive coaching and corporate training is Coach Scofray. He offers a 360-degree shift and life-altering transformational executive-leadership coaching and experiential training.

Coach Scofray is an ontological executive and mBraining master coach based in Africa, Accra, Ghana, with almost two decades of combined experience in coaching, corporate training, consulting and personal development. Coach Scofray has become a trusted resource for executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders looking to unlock their potential. And as well as find fulfilment with life purpose, psychological safety, and well-being to facilitate personal and corporate growth with excellent performance.

He comes across as one of the few coaches in Africa with a hybrid background that sets him apart with a unique niche. His executive coaching and corporate training embody ontology, mindfulness, ecology, healing of memories, systemic thinking, leadership and management studies, neuroscience and mbraining. These account for the transformation and impactful coaching and training his clients and participants experience with him.

As an ontological executive and mBIT master coach, Coach Scofray helps his clients develop a deeper insight, awareness, and understanding of themselves and their relationship with the world around them. He focuses on how his clients show up in the world, ways of “being”, languaging, emotions, feelings, world view, frame of mindset, and interoception. By helping his clients better understand themselves, Coach Scofray empowers them to achieve their goals and create meaningful change in their lives.

Emerging Ontological Executive mBraining Master Coach in Africa
mBIT Master Coach

Coach Scofray is the first professional certified black male mBIT master coach from NeuroCoach Institute (South Africa) & mBIT International, the first certified African Ontological Executive coach from Ideal Coaching Global, USA, the first student globally to graduate with an Advanced Diploma in Leadership Studies from the Institute of Commercial Management, UK and the first West African healing of Memories Practitioner from The Institute for Healing of Memories South Africa, the first Ghanaian male to reach the Professional Certified Coach(PCC) credential level in Ghana from the International Coaching Federation and coupled with a graduate diploma in Management Studies from the Institute of Commercial Management, UK.

Coach Scofray combines all these hybrid of cutting-edge tools through the latest neuroscience, philosophy, and professional coaching research to support his clients. This portfolio hybrid allows them to tap into their multiple intelligences ( the head brain, heart brain, gut brain, autonomic nervous system and pelvis), ways of being (quantum being), potentials, possibilities, awareness, etc., aid his clients in aligning their thoughts, emotions, and actions to achieve their goals, and create more balance and harmony their lives.

Coach Scofray’s approach to coaching, corporate training and consulting is grounded in empathy, curiosity, co-creation, authenticity, and trust. He creates a safe space for his clients to explore their challenges, confront their fears, and overcome their limitations. Through this process, Coach Scofray helps his clients cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, critical skills for success in today’s complex and uncertain world.

Emerging Ontological Executive mBraining Master Coach in Africa
Scofray facilitating training on Neuro-Emotional Intelligence

Coach Scofray’s clients have reported significant improvements in their leadership skills, communication abilities, and personal effectiveness. They have also developed a greater sense of purpose, clarity, and focus, which has helped them achieve their goals faster and with greater ease. He has offered executive coaching to industry leaders and individuals in Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, South Africa, the UK, and the USA.

He has facilitated varied training for many companies such as Cocoa Processing Company, CAL Bank Accra Central Branch, Ghana Airports Company Limited, Ghana National Gas Company Limited, Ridge Nest Hotel, Ridge Royal Hotel, Sangy Global, Smile Train Inc Africa, etc. and co-facilitated for RigWorld International Services, Synlab Ghana, and Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Ghana.

Coach Scofray will say, “our life is like a pentagon when in close proximity and a circle from afar, but once you evoke a more profound perception, you will experience a life that is interconnected and in a relationship (ecology) with everything in the universe”.

This is why he chooses to offer a niche in executive coaching, leadership coaching, team & group coaching, career coaching, personal development coaching, relationship coaching and mastermind coaching.

Emerging Ontological Executive mBraining Master Coach in Africa
Scofray on Max Tv

In addition to his work as a coach, Coach Scofray is a sought-after speaker and training facilitator. He has spoken at numerous high-level conferences and events, sharing his insights on leadership, personal development, and neuroscience. In addition, he has been featured in over two hundred (200) media interviews with over one hundred (100) articles in print and online platforms such as Huffington Post, Business & Financial Times, Leadership Magazine, Modern Ghana Web etc.

Coach Scofray deploys his hybrid expertise in designing bespoke turn-key pieces of training that produces impact, performance, teamwork, leadership, effective management etc. His cutting-edge training includes neuro-emotional intelligence for effective management, neuro-resilience and team bonding, enhanced workplace communication, communication and online brand positioning, work philosophy & customer experience, coaching essential skills for c-suite and managers, neuroscience of leadership and executive function etc.

In conclusion, Coach Scofray is an emerging ontological executive and mBraining master coach in Africa who is spearheading transformation and impact in the lives of his clients. His unique coaching and training approach, which integrates ontology, neuroscience, coaching, and personal development, has helped his clients unlock their potential and achieve their goals. If you are looking for a coach to support you in creating a meaningful and indescribable shift in your life and achieving your goals, Coach Scofray is the right coach.

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