The Power of Purpose Alignment and Coherence to Living a Fulfilling and Impactful Life

Over years of experience and exploration, I learned that this essence of life is not by accidents, and we are not here to eat, drink, dance, etc. and die. The deep levels of the ecology of all things, including man-made, reinforce the depths of insight great philosophers and teachers in ancient times have taught.

 To live a purposeful, transforming and impactful life requires a deep sense of alignment and coherence of one’s beliefs, behaviour, attitude, purpose, values, and principles. However, one critical shift is deeply connected to our perceptions and neuroceptions. Dr Bruce Lipton’s work on epigenetics, the Heartmath Institute on the magnificent of the heart and the multiple integration techniques by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka provide a hybrid of how we can explore purpose and coherence to drive us towards fulfilment and satisfaction.

I intend to explore the profound influence of alignment and coherence on our well-being, satisfaction and fulfilment rather than how we use materials and numbers to posit success at the expense of balancing emotional wealth. We need to nurture empowering beliefs whiles we identify and discard limiting beliefs. Shape and alter our mindset, behaviour, and attitude to align our actions with our purpose and values.

Through these, we unlock our full potential and experience fulfilment. However, the wise say, “Man is not an island”, so exploring your alignment and coherence requires an environment and our masterminds, a pool of people we surround ourselves with and making a deliberate effort to forge a growing relationship with nature to trigger growth-focused ecology. Cultivating a positive attitude and surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals enhance our journey towards growth and authenticity, and inspiring others along the way deepens the brain’s pathways and aligns our purpose, passion, compassion, and higher essence of journeying through this part of the world.

Living your life aligned with purpose, inner truth, values, and principles evokes transformation. When our beliefs reflect our authentic selves, it shapes our behaviour, attitude, and mindset, ultimately impacting and influencing our overall well-being and higher call. Below are insights to nurture empowering beliefs, shaping and repatterning mindset, and consciously aligning actions with purpose and values to live a purposeful and impactful life.

The Influence of Beliefs on Well-being and Fulfilment: Beliefs and their impact neurologically revolves around the axis of perception/attention and neuroception with evidence from the works of Dr Bruce Lipton through epigenetics. It suggests that whatever you give attention to creates a perception that directly affects your genes and whole biology in how you carry yourself and explore your potential. It means self-limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough”, “it is impossible,” my tribe and kins don’t go far,” etc. and the kind of words that were drummed into us, traumas we experienced from bizarre circumstances, truncate our energies to push forward with the required resilience.

Nurturing empowering beliefs is essential for personal growth to equip us to trigger the ability to challenge and replace limiting beliefs that produce and reinforce the status quo, which can reshape our mindset and cultivate a positive self-perception. This section explores techniques for fostering positive beliefs about ourselves, growth, and purpose to unlock our full potential.

Altering Mindset-Behavior-Attitude (MBA): Many scientists are exploring the depths of mindset, and most acknowledge that it is far more than head-brain mechanics or cognitive prowess. This exploration is even more evidenced by ancient wisdom and philosophy, which Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka, in their works called “multiple brain integration-(mBIT). In addition, they used several other scientific works to establish that, as humans, we have a brain in the head, cardiac, and gut. This means that our mindset is not just memory and logic of the head brain but a summation of subsets being head, heart, and gut. They form the bases of our behaviour, attitude, and mindset, which our beliefs influence and control, just like placebo and nocebo effects.

Becoming aware and observant of your mindset, behaviour and attitudes in the perspective of your beliefs ( neuroceptively and perceptively) will trigger an unwavering impact of nurturing your empowering beliefs and discarding limiting ones. Our behaviour and attitudes shape habits, choices, and interactions with others, contributing to overall fulfilment and impact in various areas of life.

Living in Alignment with Purpose: Alignment is finding your balance when life throws everything at you to test your resilience, tenacity, and response to your call for purpose. Alignment serves as your guiding compass for your purpose. Alignment is also the ability to find balance and coherence in the face and phases of life realities and dynamic human relations.

We must work continually to discover the significance of living in alignment with our purpose to stay on tangent and direction like a ship at sail. Even in the face of turbulence, you will meander and make detours, but still with eyes gazing on the lighthouse to dock. Our honed and anchored purpose clarifies our life’s direction, fuels our passion, and provides a profound sense of meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment. I urge you to explore methods and experiences to discover and live in alignment with your purpose, allowing you to make choices congruent with your authentic self.

Values and Principles, the Guiding Lights for Integrity: Our values and principles form the ethical foundation of our actions, inactions, decisions and indecisions. Understanding the importance of aligning our actions with deeply held values enhances our integrity, coherence, and purpose. For this reason, we must explore and advance ways to identify and uphold our values and foster a harmonious and authentic approach to navigating challenges and pursuing growth.

Our purpose uses the accompanying values and principles to build the brand required to reinforce our integrity. Our purpose walks over time and builds a brand which hinges on our authenticity and impeccability. Your held values and principles show up in all you do, and can be a fragrance of your purpose to attract collaboration and support to benefit humanity.

The conscious alignment of beliefs, mindset, behaviour, attitude, values, and principles creates a powerful foundation for a purposeful, transforming, and meaningful life. We are to dig deep, mine, wash, cut and polish our diamonds (purpose) with a sense of the interconnectedness of these elements and their role in unlocking our full potential. By aligning these aspects, we cultivate passion, master skills, and create a balanced and authentic approach to navigating challenges and inspiring others, especially in this VUCA world.

The Ecology of the Environment and Mindfulness on our Purpose: Who we are is a phenomenon of manifestation of this beautiful universe and all its energies demonstrated in frequencies. Every bit of the universe is a yin-yan for us to live our purpose to contribute to this universe in a sequence of continuity. Stay in quality sync with the universe through mindfulness of our environment and consciously cultivating beliefs, self-awareness, and character further strengthens our alignment. Surrounding ourselves with positive and supportive individuals and maintaining a growth-oriented mindset fuel our exploration of opportunities and enhance our purposeful journey.

We must make deliberate investment in plugging into other crafts such as coaching, mentoring, training etc to refine and fine-tune the depth and breadth of our purpose. Our purpose is not an island; every gift we have is interconnected for the benefit of all. We are a force of fields of indescribable ecology.

This is evident in the works of the HeartMath Institute research on heart coherence through electromagnetic fields and how it impacts the earth’s Schumann resonance.

To live a purposeful, fulfilling, and impactful life begins by searching for your essence here, embracing, acknowledging and accepting the calling by aligning your beliefs, behaviour, attitude, values, principles and skills. It requires a conscious nurturing of empowering beliefs, discarding and reprogramming limiting beliefs, shaping our mindset, and aligning our actions with our purpose and values. By these, we unlock our full potential and build resilience to see our purpose bloom to its optimal essence. In addition, embracing a positive attitude, being mindful of our environment, and surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals further enrich our journey. So let us embark on the alignment path, living a purpose-driven, growth-oriented life and inspiring others.

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, PCC
Transformational Coach | mBIT Master Coach | Certified Corporate Trainer | Lead Consultant for Zoweh Global Consult


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