Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah:The first past student of ICM-UK to reach fellow status globally

The Institute of Commercial Management, UK, has over 44 years awarded 2,243,297 plus professional and academic qualifications through 250 approved centres in 139 countries, including Ghana, on 169-course topics. Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, one of the expert contributors to yours truly Business & Financial Times B&FT, the leading business and financial media entity in Ghana, becomes the first past learner to reach the “Fellow (FinstCM)” membership status. This gives him direct access to the ICM Leader’s Club, the golden level of ICM’s prestigious and distinguished members.

This feat comes from Coach Scofray being the first student of ICM to complete an Advanced Diploma in Leaders Studies globally while pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Management Studies in 2018. His exceptional career path as a Transformational Executive Coach, high-end professional Corporate trainer, and consultant got him a seat among learned and seasoned professionals who were members of two separate panels to review two new courses the Institute of Commercial  Management Introduced in the last three years.

The trade name Zoweh Global Consult, which Scofray operates with after rigour standard requirements, got ICM endorsing and approving their unique “Neuro-Emotional Intelligence for Effective Management” training. This suggests that wherever Scofray facilitates this training, the certification of participation will be issued by ICM-UK. This is also another first for a past learner of ICM to reach such a strategic professional service or training partnership.

This Fellow status from ICM comes a few days after Coach Scofray was voted as the President to lead the ICF Ghana Chapter after years of effort with other coaches in Ghana with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He was reported last year to be the first black Male in Africa to become the Certified Professional mBIT Master Coach, and it is a niche in coaching where they deploy “multiple brain integration techniques” in support of their clients. This makes him a leading voice on neuroscience and its influence on human capital development.

In an up close with Coach Scofray, he said that this feat proves that running with a purpose in life and deliberately investing in one’s personal development in such a 360-degree manner is mission critical to becoming relevant in his industry in Ghana and especially Africa. Reaching a global status requires doing or pursuing the unusual, taking audacious and possible career paths and forging strategic partnerships and accreditation from credible and test organisations and bodies. He continued, ” I come from a challenging background, and everyone who remembers my growing up Adweso, 205, Mile 50, SSNIT Flat, etc., all in Koforidua will tell you. So, I commit to excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency in every pursuit.

I do not set out to become first in anything; instead, I go for what I need to make my personal and professional growth exceptional. For example, it was for my personal and professional path when I enrolled in Ideal Coaching Global in the United States for Advanced Training in Executive Coaching with Ontology-Mindfulness-Ecology methodology. I came out as the first African certified Ontological Executive Coach from ICG. After ICG, I became the first male Professional Certified Coaching in Ghana from the International Coaching Federation. It is the same with mBIT Master Coach, Advanced Diploma in Leadership studies with ICM. It is fulfilling and satisfying to write PCC, FInstCM, etc., after my name and a cardinal reminder to live up to the excellence these letters represent.

Such feats inspire me to keep being an example to myself and others, especially our young ones, and to give every client I serve in any capacity a transformational service with a global touch. Considering the level of poverty space I come from and the challenges, I believe anyone can also do it once they choose to live their purpose with excellence and distinction.

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